Super simple training plan to get you to 94.7 (and across the finish line!)

Dr Janet Viljoen (PhD - Exercise Physiology)

So the Telkom 94.7 Cycle Challenge was a far off goal but it's suddenly almost here. You had plans to stick to a training plan, but that hasn't worked out - and your time isn't as flexible as you'd been hoping.

Not to worry, your entry isn't lost - here is a really simple (emphasis on the simple - it really isn't very "sciencey"), but effective, guide to what you need to cover before the 20th November - and you'll have the time in the legs/saddle to finish, and have the energy for the bevvy afterwards! The week before the race is a taper week, don't include it as a training week!

If you do have the time to include some other workouts during the week add those into the mix by all means. What is itemised here is the bare minimum that would get you around the 2016 edition of the Cycle Challenge and across the line within cut-off.

Don't fall victim to sudden over-training:

So trying to play catch up now shouldn't mean over-doing things! If you are feeling tired, your muscles are sore, you're starting to become a little irritable then don't push yourself. Stick to this plan and don't add extra sessions. The idea is to get to the start chute on 20th November keen and enthusiastic, knowing you can do it, not fatigued and exhausted!

Enjoy your rides, and email any questions you might have to