Functional Strength Training

Functional strength training is exercises that involve training the whole body for everyday activities.

Sports Specific Functional Strength Training

A programme designed to develop an athlete's body through training in such a manner that it improves
functional movement patterns in a way that it is particular to that sport.

Cycling Specific Training

Cycling specific training involves on and off the bike programmes. It is a series of exercise techniques that
will help to improve muscle imbalances and weaknesses thus resulting in less down time due to injuries.
It includes functional movements directly related to the cycling position, core stabilisation as well as high
intensity sessions as part of the 'off the bike' sessions. The bike sessions may be done on the road or in a
mountain bike park or in the gym on the Computrainer and/or the simulation bike. All of these help to improve
power, performance and endurance on the bike.

Runner Specific Training

Runner specific training involves strength training and core stabilisation to help improve power and performance
as well as endurance. Training programmes to improve distance and time can also be provided.

Triathlete Specific Training

Triathlete specific training helps to develop muscles that are used over all three disciplines as well
enhance endurance. Training programmes can be also be provided.

TDF Simulation Bike

A bike that simulates being out on the road without the dangers of traffic and bike jacking's. A google map of
the route, you wish to ride, is programmed into the bikes' computer and it then simulates the ride, moving up
and down according to the gradient. It comes with electronic gears which can be adjusted to simulate your bikes
gearing. A street view video feed is streamed onto an iPad so you can see the route too. Mtb, road or flat pedals
available. Great for training on a race specific route.


The Computrainer is a trainer that uses your own bike and connects to a computer with a video feed. The magnetic
resistance simulates the route. .gpx files can be uploaded to train on a specific route. Ergvideos with interval
repeats and hill training programmes as well as Zwift is also available to use with the Computrainer.